Demo EP

by Forest of Legend

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June 2015 Demo.

Guitars/Effects/Vocals - Gage Shanahan
Bass/Effects- Alex Lindner
Drums/Percussion- Travis Finley


released June 17, 2015

G. Shanahan, A. Lindner, T. Finley



all rights reserved


Forest Of Legend Virginia Beach, Virginia

Doom power trio.

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Track Name: Divine Greataxe
Great axe of fire,
Cleaving men in half...
Great axe of Evil,
Relic of the past...

The wizard said,
The words within your head...
Witchcraft and madness,
To your soul they’re wed...

Shed blood for him,
The wizard calls you near,
Blood and fire,
Madness and fear

Take up your axe!
Show the world the meaning of wrath!
As your blade cuts through their neck,
Eat alive the souls of the dead! Yeah!
Track Name: Cursed by Night
You wake alone in a dream,
victim, to the things you've seen,
your body's cold...
your body's dead...
oh no, black things in your head, yeah

the odor of the flesh!
the essence of death!
beast of chaos rise!
Sense of hunger, in your eyes...

Stalk the woods with primal fear,
corporeal, live flesh brings you near,
horns of fire...
skeletal remains...
ancient legend of fear, bring the pain.

The odor of flesh!
the essence of death!
beast of chaos rise!
the end has come, your demise

oh you damned wight of living hell.
no i've got you under my spell.
hear my call!
feel my wrath!
sent back to hell by the witch doctor's staff, yeah!
Track Name: Holy Throne
ex-members of the human race
black shadows of the past in their eyes,
it's too late, they've come this far to die.

The end has begun
Bastard children of the second sun
Saturn usurps the holy throne,
As we worship, fucked up and stoned, yeah

The chalice was burned,
With glazed eyes of the dead we walk the earth.
Bong-priests guiding our path
Weedwolves gather upon the righteous path
Track Name: The Everlasting Flame (Praise the Sun)
A god of war, cast away,
In misery,
He praises to the dark sun's rays.

His travelled mind,
Leads to places, long undead,
The sword is god,
Closer to the sun he's lead.

The power,
Of the sun,
Infects his mind,
His mind's undone...

At the altar,
Of the sun,
Step towards the flame,
A life burns on...

Praise...Praise the Sun!
Praise...Praise the Sun!
Praise...Praise the Sun!
Praise...Praise the Sun!